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Promise + Progress

Promise + Progress will support young dancers from across the region to find their talent, grow it and take their first steps into a career in dance… with your help.

Please would you contribute towards the creative future of these talented young people through a donation, no matter how small?

  • £10 supports travel costs for a young dancer to attend interviews, auditions, open days at colleges and universities, and dance performances.
  • £25 pays for a professional mentoring session to assist with applications for further education or support to set up as a freelance dancer.
  • £40 pays for one weekly Yorkshire Dance Youth class, reaching up to 20 young people at a time.
  • £75 covers a ‘come and try’ dance session in local communities, to engage young people and their families, who might otherwise not engage with dance.

Just 12 people donating £40 each pays for an entire term of Yorkshire Dance Youth classes, so your contribution can really make a difference to young people’s futures.

Give NOW (before the end of May) and see your donation more than DOUBLE!
With GiftAid and the Arts Council’s Catalyst scheme – which matches your donation like for like – your contribution can go further than ever! Look…

  • Your £10 + Catalyst = £20.00 + GiftAid = £22.50
  • Your £40 + Catalyst = £80.00 + GiftAid = £90.00
  • Your £75 + Catalyst = £150.00 + GiftAid = £168.75

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