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Artists Takeover Day

Yorkshire Dance, Irregular Arts and A Quiet Word invite you to

Artists Takeover Day

Thu 26 May, 9.30am – 5.00pm
Yorkshire Dance
Free Admission

Making a Song and Dance about…

… litter, nowhere to park, public transport, school places, the NHS, dog shit, the patriarchy, my/your boss, not having a job, the media, representation of women (in aforementioned media) how to complain, who to complain to, who’s running this anyway… the illusion of democracy as we debate and rage on social media about the change we want to see, but cannot seem to make.

What to do?

Perhaps, in the words of David Bowie… ‘let’s dance’… because you put your whole self in – or your whole self is out… OK, maybe the Hokey Cokey isn’t ‘what it’s all about’…

No harm in having a go though.

Yorkshire Dance, Irregular Arts and A Quiet Word invite you to a make a song and dance about what gets your goat.

You are invited to join us for a day to explore the body in motion, the body in song and the body shaking with rage about what’s wrong with the world. This is an ‘artist’s take over day’ where the building is available to support experimentation. The event is free to attend, but you need to be able to take part in the whole day.

This is the start of an investigation into the ways in which making a song and dance about things can change the world.


To register please send an email with the subject line: ‘Making a Song and Dance’ including your phone contact details and confirmation that you are available for the whole day to:

The deadline for registration is Friday 20 May 2016


Coffee and introductions.

A provocation by Jenny Wilson of Irregular Arts

A performance workshop with choreographer Hamish MacPherson exploring how complaining can be embraced as a way not of fixing things but being together. An everyday ritual pushed to its extreme.

The workshop will involve simple collective activities like energetic shaking (within your own limits), moaning and whining. These will prepare us for a final collective performance in an atmosphere of darkness and smoke.


Over lunch we will discuss the findings of the morning, and plan the afternoon’s activity. You can work individually or in a group

Group or individual exploration of what it means to make a song and dance. Groups will be facilitated by an independent artist/maker

An opportunity for a five to ten minute presentation to the whole group.