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Bend It

Yorkshire Dance presents

Friday Firsts #40: Bend It

dance work exploring gender, sexuality & queerness
curated by Amy Bell

Fri 15 Jul, 7.30pm
Box Office 0113 243 8765
or book securely online
Tickets £8.00, concessions £6.00
Age guidance: 16+

A night of subversively wonky dance that sets queerness in motion. The diverse programme looks to warp expectations, send stereotypes askew and clear space for vibrant ambiguity. 

Matthias Sperling - Now that we know (Aristoteles, De anima, Wellcome images L0044182)Choreographer and performer Matthias Sperling presents an early sharing of his plans to develop a new performance lecture called Now that we know. What will change, if and when science discovers how our minds arise from our bodies? Matthias will investigate the relationship between mind and body, exploring a hypothetical future in which that connection is clarified. How will dance and choreography be expanded by this new understanding of the body? And how will our society be altered? This work of science fiction will build on recent findings, taking a choreographic perspective to freely imagine plausible, absurd, thrilling or worrying scenarios.
Work in progress. 

Connor Schumacher - Boy oh boy 1 (c) Studio Rios ZertucheIn Boy oh Boy, Connor Schumacher, a gay man from conservative, homeschooled, religious America, struggles with the sanctified and the taboo. He plays with taboos from his conservative background and shares intimate childhood events. By searching for a balance between theatrical imagery, transparent use of objects and composition Connor tries to show what happens when identity does not fit the surrounding ideology – “an experience that stays with you”, Moos van der Broek, Theater Krant.
UK premiere. 

Eve and Michael - En Beige‘Homogenous’ - of the same kind; alike.
En Beige by Eve Stainton & Michael Kitchin (from The Uncollective) unveils a slippery world of dissatisfaction, repetitive tragedy and unfulfilled flat-pack fantasies. They are clinging to order, white knuckled and gummy, as the reality of their proper selves tumbles down. They are underwhelmed, sort of, and indecisive, sometimes. It’s a queasy game with very few prospects.
Work in progress.

Liz Aggiss (c) Joe MurrayMaverick, indomitable, fearless: words that describe performance artist Liz Aggiss. Born in an era when children were seen and not heard, Liz had no clue what she wanted to be. She just knew she wanted to be seen and heard. Slap and Tickle is a dark and ribald physical commentary on cultural mores, forays and sexual taboos; a vociferously moving and disorientating display of contradictions and interpretations on girls, ladies, women, mummies, mothers, bitches and dogs, pensioners and senior citizens. Decoding mythologies, platitudes, refrains and old wives’ tales, this performance navigates itself into a feminist soup; it is push and pull, punishment and reward, slap and tickle… all the way home.
Liz here presents Act Two from the full-length show.


This is Yorkshire Dance’s third edition of Bend It, following hugely successful events in 2014, curated by our Associate Artist Gary Clarke, and in 2015.

Bend It is our annual celebration of dance and film work that explores gender stereotyping, sexuality and the queer aesthetic.