Friday Firsts

Bish Bash Bosh

Yorkshire Dance presents
Friday Firsts #41: Bish Bash Bosh
A most unpredictable evening of dance…and more…

Friday 7 October 2016
Admission Free

Age guidance: all ages until 9.45pm; 16+ after 9.45pm 

This year we have split the evening into three sections. Tickets are free and will be available from our box office at 6.00pm – please come and claim yours as early as you can to avoid missing out.

As always, Bish Bash Bosh promises to be a wonderful and wacky night; showcasing some of the fieriest choreographers from Yorkshire and beyond.

Throughout the evening you will also be able to see a new piece choreographed by Gary ClarkeCompound, featuring dancers from Northern Ballet, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Northern School of Contemporary Dance at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre.

Join us in the foyer from 7.00pm as we kick off the evening with an interactive performance by Snakebox.

Part 1
7.45pm – 8.15pm


We look up at the sky, we dream of flying, we aspire to travel, we fall in love and seek to experience freedom; ‘Cloud’ is a physicalisation of human aspiration and endeavour.

This duet is part of theMiddletonCorpus’ upcoming full production ‘Cloud’, to be created in 2017.

The Break-Up

When a relationship comes to an end it can be hard to completely let go. Conflict can arise just by simply deciding who gets to keep what material possession. But are the objects ever really what the argument is truly about?

Gavin Coward
A Blighted Life

A concoction of world dance, raw physicality and fleeting commentary. Three performers explore contrasting and extreme attitudes towards homosexuality from around the globe, where Queer clashes with cultures.

Part 2
8.45pm – 9.30pm

Lola Maury

An exercise in transformation and perpetual movement, Figurines is inspired by whirling Dervish Dance. A dancer sets off on a spinning journey of becoming by shaping and re-shaping herself continuously. Audience members witness the performer swirling through a never-ending flow of representations, to be lead on a meditative ride where images emerge, fuse and disappear relentlessly.

Christopher Owen
Broken Fall Organic

Broken Fall Organic is a collection of shared physical belief systems built to test our ability to decide between intuition and logic. This testing environment invites 4 male dancers to discuss physically what the term ‘to man up’ means to them.

Part 3
9.45pm – 10.15pm

Joseph Reay-Reid Company
Blue Monday

Underneath the concrete clouds
lie moments of colour,
forgetful, proud,
Lost and fuller.

Individuals move together through a wall of colour and sound in an attempt to escape their reality…

Helena Webb

Helena is concerned about the glorification of wealth. And fame. And royal-ness. She wants to draw attention to our own majesty and the everyday majesty around us. The sequins, bees and miniature flirting, the people who thank the bus driver and the attempted yoga class.

This bold new solo explores majesty in a contemporary context and endeavors to empower us all to reclaim it from the crown-wearers.

James Finnemore

Loosely based on The Southern Reach Trilogy, Jeff VanderMeer’s ‘mycological masterpiece,’ Bloom explores human beings’ fear of the unknown. It examines how two individuals communicate with each other amid a constantly changing physical landscape.


Friday Firsts showcases new work by independent choreographers and dance companies working on the small scale.

Each evening has its own distinct theme, and will often be the first chance to see performances by the most promising dance makers from Yorkshire and beyond who seek to experiment, push dance as a form or find a new voice.