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Friday Firsts #39: Burst

a showcase of work from the next generation of choreographers

Brink Dance Company [Cenobyte] (c) Johnny BartleyFri 6 May, 7.30pm
Box Office 0113 243 8765
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Tickets £8.00, concessions £6.00

The next generation gets a chance to show us what the future is made of with an evening of mixed performance from some of Yorkshire’s most promising dancers and choreographers.

Showcasing work from students and post-graduates, the evening will demonstrate the diverse talent being nurtured in our higher education institutions, highlighting the students’ wit, charm, and intelligence.

Leeds Beckett University

Maria Popova
Influenced by Russian tradition, rituals, and folklore dance, Maria Popova’s Vliyaniye is an exploration into her cultural background, playing with the idea of possessing a spiritual connection to the soul.


Rambling’s gonna be the death of me
The project began with the desire to speak of our differences. As young citizens of the world, we wanted to talk about what it means to grow up in our society nowadays. This is a work in progress exploring relationships, with a particular interest in dismantling how identity is constructed through tableaux vivants.

Leeds City College

Jem Clancy
My Name is Carly
Inspired by the real life story of Carly, a mute American teenager with severe autism. She was dismissed, ignored and underestimated by just about everyone but her family, and Jem has decided to explore the frustration this created, and the release that came from Carly finally finding her voice.

York St John University

Flight Effect Dance Company
Moon Eaters
Flight Effect Dance Company was established in 2005 and is the undergraduate dance company for York St John University. For their latest piece Moon Eaters, they worked with choreographer Dimitri Tsiapkinis and explores themes of mental illness and madness. When is madness a strength instead of merely a “disorder”?

Northern School of Contemporary Dance

That Ribeiro Company
The Untruthful Story of the Timeless Man
A story about a person that has been escaping death for a long time until he succumbs to manipulation. They intend to create work that speaks about social realities. Social realities such as: manipulation, power, control and death.

Thomas McKeon
Beyond the Flesh
This is an improvisational piece of self-exploration. At first exploring and playing with form, he fed in tasks that delved deeper into the roots of his body’s natural tendencies; deconstructing physical states, refining and stripping away. Meeting himself in a new place, then taking another dive.

Olivia Calder
A Piece of Friendship
Here we have Inari played by Inari Hulkkonen and Paul played by Paul Guenot. Their world is a kaleidoscope of the recalled: real and imaginary, mundane and odd.
Over the last few months I have been collaborating with these dancers to create a physical theatre duet inspired by the existing chemistry between them. The work looks at friendship, playing (often literally) on the recollection of memories and how they can take on a life of their own. Using improvisation tasks and games, the duet translates through dance and storytelling the quirky, comical and often-random aspects that make up a friendship.

Brink Dance Company
An individuality within unity. A uniqueness scattered in the mass. Pockets of people, drawn to each other’s play, expression, chaos and joy. How can we meet, combine and create a community, producing and conquering monumental feats, against the times where destruction was all that we knew? With vignettes complimenting and conflicting, isn’t there a beauty when we simply see, accept and unite?

Kathryn Hewison
A Flicker of…
Kathryn Hewison’s A Flicker of… is an enriching piece of exploration, self-discovery, reflection and evaluation. A flicker of what we imagine to be in the future, what we see in the present, and the flickers of the traces we leave behind.