Rachel Krishe - The Swimmer (c) Chris Nash


HIDE workshop

11.30am – 1pm, £5
Fluid and dynamic class with Jo Fong

2pm – 4pm, £15/£10
A taste of the creative practices used in HIDE with Deborah Light

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vb to keep out of sight; conceal from view.
n a shelter for watching wildlife.
n the skin of an animal.

In a stark environment three remarkable women reveal and re-invent themselves. With disarming honesty and subtle humour they blur the boundaries between autobiography and fiction.

They form, transform and reform. We watch.
Are they showing themselves? Do we see them?

Deborah Light is an acclaimed choreographer with a distinctive aesthetic – bold, beautiful and intimate. For HIDE she brings together three outstanding female performers, Jo Fong (Rosas, DV8), Eddie Ladd (Volcano, Brith Gof) and Rosalind Hâf Brooks (Earthfall).

HIDE delves under the skin of its creators and audiences to reveal internal worlds. In doing so, it exposes the multiplicity of human nature and deals with questions of appearance and identity.

“Intelligent, witty, wild and tender… “
Kevin Lewis, Theatr Iolo

See footage here

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Mon 2 Mar, 1.30pm – 3.30pmLiz Lerman (c) Tom Wolff
Yorkshire Dance, Leeds
Box office 0113 243 8765
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Admission £5.00

We’re delighted to welcome internationally acclaimed Liz Lerman to Yorkshire Dance and offer a rare opportunity to take part in a Critical Response Process (CRP) workshop. Liz will be facilitating a feedback session using CRP and reflecting on the process whilst working with a dance artist developing new work.

This workshop is ideal for artists, students and teachers looking for a new, invaluable way to reflect on their own work, and for anyone involved in giving feedback on other people’s work, in any context.

For the last year Yorkshire Dance, in partnership with University of Leeds and Breakfast Creatives, has been developing respond_, a new digital adaptation of Liz’s Critical Response Process.

As the project, funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, reaches the end of its first phase of development, Liz is travelling from the USA to join us for a celebration and public evaluation of respond_, and we’re thrilled that she’s offered to lead this workshop during her stay.

Places on this workshop are strictly limited to 30. Please book early.

Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) is a feedback system based on the principle that the best possible outcome from a response session is for the maker to want to go back to work. Whether returning to the studio, the desk, the kitchen, or the laboratory, CRP gives tools both to people who are making work and people who are responding to that work. In use for over twenty years, CRP has been embraced by artmakers, educators, scientists, and administrators at theatre companies, dance departments, orchestras, science centres, museums, and beyond. The Process has deepened dialogue between makers and audiences; it has enhanced learning between teachers and students. It has proven valuable for all kinds of creative endeavours, work situations, and collaborative relationships within and beyond the arts, from kindergartens to corporations. www.lizlerman.com

respond_ is a new digital platform created by Yorkshire Dance in partnership with the University of Leeds and Breakfast Creatives, selected in 2013 by Nesta, Arts Council England and Arts & Humanities Research Council as one of over 60 partnership projects to receive funding from the £70 million Digital R&D Fund for the Arts. Through respond_ a digital audience from around the world has helped two artists to shape their new dance pieces – Robbie Synge’s Douglas and Hagit Yakira’s Air Hunger. It is a digital adaption of choreographer Liz Lerman’s renowned Critical Response Process (CRP), enabling artists to receive feedback, questions and opinions about a work-in-progress from anyone, anywhere. respond_ is an experiment, testing whether digital technology can enhance audiences’ experience of contemporary dance and demystify the creative process. www.respondto.org