a conference exploring professionalism, excellence & the art of community dance
Leeds | Fri 28 Oct 2016

Yorkshire Dance’s fifth annual regional conference Dance Risks took place on 28 October, bringing together  70 people to discuss issues around risk, professionalism and the art of community dance.

Speakers including Sophie Eustace (Fevered Sleep), Rachel Palmer and Sally Marie (Everyday People), Tim Casson (Casson and Friends), Jane Hackett (National Youth Dance Company) delivered a range of workshops alongside performances from Phoenix Youth Academy and films from Robbie Synge and Lucy Boyes, Luke Pell and Fevered Sleep. The conference also featured a dancing plenary with delegates responding to the day through movement led by Tim Casson.

Dance Risks was positioned alongside the Juncture Festival and featured a provocation from Gillie Kleiman and invited delegates to watch Wallflower by Quarantine.

“It’s the best conference I have ever been to. A brilliant mix and cross over between discussion and the art itself. I actually learned things and had my mind so opened.” Delegate feedback

“(The conference) has challenged me to think about the risks I take in my work, new ideas and appreciation of other works. I’m starting to think more about the impact my work has and myself as an artist.” Delegate feedback