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Dance Journeys – Conference 2012 Sessions

Understanding the health impacts of dance

This session introduces dance and health research, highlighting the role dance can play in enhancing well-being and unpacks the physical and psychological impacts on young people in recreational dance. Led by Imogen Aujla, co-author of Passions, pathways and potential in dance, a Trinity Laban Research Report.

Commissioning dance – who, how and why?

Essential presentations on key aspects around commissioning in the current climate. This presentation is aimed at both actual and potential commissioners, those working in sport and health, as well as dance organisations and companies seeking advice and understanding around commissioning processes. With Ian Rodley of DAZL and Catherine Mitchell, ACE.

Successful behaviour management techniques

A session aimed at those wanting to pick up essential basic behavioural management techniques for working with young people in dance and beyond. The session will explore how to apply a range of strategies in different contexts – this is both a practical session balanced with group discussion and will include resources. With Helen Linsell of Dance United.

Many journeys – one dance

This session addresses how to support the young people you work with to expand their horizons and think about new dance genres. Exploring how to deliver a class using a range of dance styles – this practical session is balanced with discussion around the issues for you and the young people you work with. With Julius Ebreo of Beartisan and Anna Olejnicki.

Effective progression routes towards a career in dance

A session with case studies presenting good practice around career progression for young people with talent, and practical approaches to setting up and supporting progression in your local area. Followed by group discussion to identify barriers to supporting young people’s progression routes and looking for practical solutions in your area. With Claire Nicholson of CAPA: Cathedral School, Wakefield and Sarah Westaway of ArtForms, Leeds City Council.

Why dance?

Take part in this engaging session, bringing young dancers together to discuss what’s important about dance for them, what do they get out of it, and what do they need from the youth dance sector to support their dance journeys. With Wieke Eringa.

Practical applications of dance science research

This session presents and explores the latest in depth research around dance training, led by Imogen Aujla, co-author of Passions, pathways and potential in dance, a Trinity Laban Research Report. Discussion will take place around ways in which new knowledge around talent development can be applied in the dance studio in order to optimise training, commitment and well-being.

Beyond dancing – learning and life-skills, #1 and #2

Two sessions with case studies from national projects exploring life-skills and learning beyond the dance technique itself. Examining how valuable dance can be as a tool for developing young people’s self-esteem, confidence and resilience and how it can build broader skills such as team-work, independence, entrepreneurship – in a range of contexts. With Leanne Cardill of Cheshire Dance, Amy McGann and Phill Hill of Jumpstartmove and Sophie Alder of Northern Ballet.


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Wed 14 Nov 2012, Leeds