2013 Dance Insights

working together for the future of dance

Wednesday 20 November 2013
CAST, Doncaster’s new performance venue


In these challenging economic times, where dance for children and young people is under serious threat from a number of quarters, Dance Insights brought together around 100 people working with dance in a range of contexts - health and wellbeing, sport, education, community, children and young people, regeneration and the arts - for engaging and essential discussion on the issues.

Keynote speakers and session facilitators:
Meet them here


Sessions included:

  • A bite-size introduction to inclusive dance and young people, led by Rachel Liggitt
  • Breaking down barriers to dance for young people, facilitated by Tracy Witney, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, & Martin Wilson, TIN Arts
  • Stand Up for Dance, led by Caroline Miller, Director of Dance UK
  • Commissioning Dance with Health, led by Jan Burkhardt
  • Young People Taking the Lead, led by Jake Orr & Zoe Parker
  • Youth Dance Futures, led by young people from across Yorkshire
  • Innovation and Risk Taking in youth choreography, facilitated by Tracy Witney

[Find more details of the sessions here]


Mark Baldwin, Artistic Director of Rambert
gave a talk at the beginning of the conference, discussing creativity and young people, illustrated with these paintings

Dance in Doncaster overview
A film from the Dance in Doncaster strategy, led by Doncaster Council, Doncaster Community Arts and Wayne Sables Project, created by local film artist, Jim Lockey.

A New Canvas for Dance, by Martin Wilson
TIN Arts


Commissioning Dance with Health, by Jan Burkhardt
Dance and Health Consultant: jan.burkhardt@yahoo.co.uk

See also
Burkhardt, J., & Holmes, J. (2012). Commissioning Dance for Health and Wellbeing: Guidance and Resources for Commissioners, here

Burkhardt, J., & Brennan, C. (2012). The effects of recreational dance interventions on the health and well-being of children and young people: A systematic review. Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, here


Antony DunnSpeech: The Politics of Dance
by Antony Dunn

Marketing & Communications Manager
Yorkshire Dance



The Debate

In the four weeks running up to the conference, a series of provocative questions were launched on Twitter and Facebook
See a selection of the responses here


Linda Jasper, Director of Youth Dance England


Dance Insights - visual minutes

See the Visual Minutes of the
Right To Dance debate

by Chris Murray




Dance Insights was a partnership project developed and managed by Yorkshire Dance alongside partners:
Yorkshire’s Regional Dance Development Network, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, West Yorkshire Sport, Zomadic, ArtForms Leeds & Rotherham Youth Dance