Dance Insights conference sessions include:
A bite-size introduction to inclusive dance and young people
Led by Rachel Liggitt

A practical session on inclusive dance practice, exploring creative ways of working with young dancers with a disability and investigating ways of facilitating dance with mixed groups of non disabled and disabled dancers.

Gain an insight into working with sensory, physical and learning disabled young people. This session provides a break down of good inclusive dance practice, exploring different processes and techniques.

Breaking down barriers to dance for young people
Facilitated by Tracy Witney, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and Martin Wilson, TIN Arts

A discussion based session with 3 short presentations on breaking down the barriers to accessing dance. Presenting 3 perspectives; social and economic (Gail Ferrin on Yorkshire Dance Youth Company), geographical (Gill Vickers on the South Bank programme), disability (Vanessa McGuire on Changing Perceptions). Understanding how barriers manifest themselves and exploring what we can all do about it in our practice.

Stand Up for Dance
Led by Caroline Miller, Director of Dance UK

A session on speaking about the importance and value of dance to young people. How to contact and lobby your MP and make a difference. Understanding the need to promote dance to prevent further erosion of funding to youth dance and the arts generally. How to strategically speak out about dance to the people with power. How to communicate clearly about why dance is valuable and important.

Commissioning Dance with Health
Led by Jan Burkhardt

A session designed to break down the language of health and to raise awareness of key issues surrounding health agendas which could provide key commissioning opportunities for the dance sector.

Young People Taking the Lead
Led by Jake Orr and Zoe Parker

A session exploring how to inspire young people to take the lead in advocating for dance. The session will focus on encouraging young people to write about dance, exploring the value and role of social media. The session will focus on how to support young people to reflect and review dance and contextualise their own dance and learning. The session will feature a presentation from Jake Orr of A Younger Theatre.

Youth Dance Futures
Led by young people from across Yorkshire

Hear 4 young people describe their relationship with youth dance and where they would like to see the future of youth dance. Gain valuable insights into a young person’s journey in dance, what youth dance looks like for them and how it can be improved.

Innovation and Risk Taking in youth choreography
Facilitated by Tracy Witney, Northern School of Contemporary Dance

A practical session involving discussion enabling you to refresh your practice, instigate new ideas, and explore how to be innovative and take risks within youth choreography.


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Wed 20 Nov 2013, Doncaster

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