Dance Wishes

Dance Wishes

Yorkshire Dance is getting ready for our Dance Visions conference in November 2014 and, if you’re a young person, we need your help!

We’re planning a session at the conference called 12 Visions for Youth Dance, which will be led by young people from around Yorkshire. It will give young people a chance to tell their hopes and ambitions to lots of professionals from the dance world.

Imagine you’ve rubbed the genie’s magic lamp, and you’ve received three Dance Wishes. They could be anything. What would you wish for?

Let us know by emailing Sophie Inkster – – with your three wishes, your first name and your age. No surnames will be published.

We will publish everyone’s wishes here on our website, and the 12 Visions for Youth Dance will be chosen from among them!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

More about Dance Visions here


Lauren, aged 10:

  • Wish 1 – To be able to do splits and backflips in my dancing
  • Wish 2 – To be famous for my dancing
  • Wish 3 – Be the one to be thrown around in the air
Furahisha, aged 15:
  • Wish 1 - To become a successful dancer
  • Wish 2 - To be in music Videos for famous people
  • Wish 3 - To grow more confident in dancing
Wishes from Yorkshire Dance Youth, aged 13 – 19, and dancers from Northern School of Contemporary Dance
  •    To be extremely flexible
  •    To be able to adapt
  •    Be able to do a fouette
  •    Be able to memorise dance moves faster
  •    Be able to do an aerial
  •    To be able to do every dance style to a good level
  •    I wish I could Air Flare
  •    I want to be able to do a hollow back
  •   To back flip
  •   To be able to Tilt again
  •   To have stamina
  •   Open my own dance school
  •   Dance on cruise ships
  •   Be an amazing dancer technically
  •   Dance in Musicals
  •   Outdoor performances
  •   Dance on TV
  •   More opportunities in the north
  •   Dance in London
  •   Dance with Rambert
  •   More companies touring
  •   More focus in schools of various different styles eg. G.C.S.E and A-level
  •   To learn more styles
  •   To go to London and have a master class in Cunnigham technique
  •   Train with professional dancers
  •   Have a dance lesson with Louis Spence
  •   To work with Alvin Ailey
  •   More workshops from a variety of companies
  •   Work with more choreographers
  •   More company workshops available in Yorkshire
  •   To go to pineapple dance studios
  •   Teach dance classes to young kids
  •   Perform in other cities
  •   Work with choreographers
  •   Frequent show opportunities