Yorkshire Dance 24 Hour Dance Relay

24 Hour Dance Relay results are in

by antonydunn on July 11, 2016

We did it! We survived our 24 Hour Dance Relay at the beginning of July! We raised some funds towards the costs of staging our Juncture festival this October! We had lots of fun! We had some dark moments of the soul, admittedly, but we did it…

The latest event in our Spirit of Juncture campaign saw three mighty members of the Yorkshire Dance team – Wieke Eringa, Kirsty Redhead and Hannah Robertshaw – dance for eight hours each without rest.

All three danced from 5pm on Friday 1 July for an hour before Hannah took the first shift, dancing her way through three hours of a silent family disco, then four hours of a very noisy disco before tagging Wieke back in at 1am. Exhausted.

Our Artistic Director and CEO took part in six workshops and classes through the small hours, through dawn and into breakfast time, exploring improvisation and characterisation, yoga, recreating iconic dance moments from the movies (check our social media for footage) and ending with a session called ‘Bliss and relaxation’.

Kirsty took over at 9am, joining each of our regular Saturday Superstars classes for children aged 0-14 during the morning, then heading another silent family disco in the afternoon. At 4pm, Hannah and Wieke rejoined her on the dancefloor for a final ‘Bad Dancing Hour’ featuring a wince-making combination of classic disco routines – a conga, a Macarena. You get the picture…

Our three marathon dancers were properly exhausted by the finish, but were buoyed along (and sometimes propped up) by the amazing range of people who joined them during the 24 hours.

Now the dust has settled (and been swept up and tipped into our Totalizer), we can announce that the 24 Hour Dance Relay raised £650, bringing the Spirit of Juncture total so far to £1400. With two weeks to go until the campaign closes, we’re very confident of reaching our £1500 target.



Spirit of Juncture is raising funds to stage exceptional dance performances featuring the talents of people of all ages and abilities during our Juncture festival this October.

Some amazing dance makers – Sara Lindström, Lucy Suggate, Nicola Conibere and immigrants and animals – will be working with up to 70 members of the public – young people, older adults – in fact, anyone who’d like to join in. Maybe even you…

The money raised will contribute to the cost of bringing these extraordinary artists to Leeds creating amazing opportunities for people who might never normally participate in professional dance.

Please feel free to donate any amount of money to Spirit of Juncture

Donate to Spirit of Juncture

Special thanks to:

• Everyone who joined in the dancing, bought tickets and made donations during the 24 Hour Dance Relay.
• April Skipp, Callum Holt and the Spirit of Juncture team at Yorkshire Dance – for putting the whole event together.
• Rachael O’Neill, Tal Weinstein, Jamaal Burkmar, Rachel Clarke & Alexandra Mettam, Rachel Krische and Louise McDowall – for leading classes throughout the night.
• Ed Jeffreys – for volunteering hours of technical expertise.
• Lucy Barker – for being a fabulous DJ.
• Wieke Eringa, Kirsty Redhead and Hannah Robertshaw.

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