Grace Surman - Performance with Hope rehearsals - Findhorn - Aug 2015 (c) Gary Winters

Artists Curating Dance gets lift with £27,000 grant from Jerwood Charitable Foundation

by aprilskipp on June 3, 2016

We are absolutely delighted to announce a new partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation who will support Yorkshire Dance to deliver Artists Curating Dance for £27,000.

The project will enable Yorkshire Dance to fund six independent artists to develop their curatorial practice, diversifying the leadership and dance-landscape in Leeds and York. It will also mean that audiences in the region will have access to new, innovative, cutting edge dance performance.

The six artists involved are Gillie Kleiman, Amy Bell, Grace Surman, Adam Young (Live Art Bistro) and Sophie Unwin and Lydia Cottrell from York-based SLAP (Salacious Live Art Performance). They will each be equipped with a budget to see performances and stage new events and will receive direct support from the Yorkshire Dance team. Paul Burns, previous interim Artistic Director at Yorkshire Dance, will also be involved in a series of Critical Conversations about curation alongside CEO and Artistic Director Wieke Eringa.

Wieke Eringa says of the project, “It is hugely exciting to be working with these accomplished artists, each of whom has a unique perspective to offer on dance, what it means to dance, who dances and why. The premise of this project is quite original and I look forward to working alongside the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, which is a prestigious supporter of artistic development in the UK.”

The first public event of this Artists Curating Dance project will be Yorkshire Dance’s Juncture festival in Leeds (27 – 30 October) curated by Gillie Kleiman, followed by four other key performance events throughout autumn 2016 and the first half of 2017.

Jerwood Charitable Foundation

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