BACC for the Future: our campaign’s first success

by antonydunn on February 8, 2013

BACC for the FutureIf you raised your voice in support of the BACC for the Future campaign, you might like to read this message from its Project Manager, which we received on Thu 7 Feb:

You may have heard already that the government has backed down over their proposed English Baccalaureate Certificates – replacements for selected GCSEs.

The Government has also agreed to introduce a new accountability measure for schools that will include creative subjects…Quite a result!

The report in The Independent that broke the story credited the Education Select Committee’s crushing report and the letter delivered to Number 10 from 100 creative industry and education leaders (coordinated by Bacc for the Future and others) as being the final straws.

This is excellent news and we helped make this happen together.

However, the EBacc league table remains in place: You can act now!

This means that there will still be a league table at GCSE level and at A-level which is devaluing and downgrading creative subjects.

Please write to your MP about the EBacc and A-level league tables

We know that Michael Gove is willing to change his mind.

Now we are calling for EBacc and A-level league tables to either be changed to include creative subjects or abolished.

Please write to your MP

You can still encourage others to sign up to support creative subjects in secondary schools on the Bacc for the Future website.

Thank you for your support so far, today we have had a real impact on the future of creative subjects in schools.

Jonathan Smith
Project Manager
Bacc for the Future campaign

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