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Creative Case Workshop

by aprilskipp on May 5, 2016

Following the success of the Dance Includes Conference held in October 2016, Yorkshire Dance coordinated a day inspired by the themes and ideas surrounding the Creative Case, a re-imagining of Arts Council England’s policy on equality and diversity.

The day consisted of a series of choreographic workshops and led discussions, aimed to encourage 10 regional artists to share their practice and form new collaborations.

Facilitated by Beth Cassani and hosted by Orange Box, Halifax, the day focussed on dance artists exploring and sharing their practice through a range of tasks. Improvisation focussed on an exploration of movement vocabulary with additional tasks that enabled artists to share extracts of their own work. These ranged from voice-based exercises, singing in the round, breakdance and Kathak.

The day continued into an evening meal with facilitated discussions led by Richard Sobey, Consultant Creative Producer of Yorkshire Dance’s Amplified programme. Discussions ranged from the accessibility of venues to the role of producer and led to deeper discussions about artistic responsibility and how freelance artists seize opportunities and avoid burn out.

Connecting a practical experience to an opportunity to debate and discuss left artists feeling better connected and self-reflective.

The success of the day was in sharing and learning from one another with the possibility of new artistic collaborations for the Yorkshire region.

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