Fresh 2015 – Two Yorkshire youth dance companies are put through to U.Dance’s annual completion in Plymouth.

by admin on May 3, 2015

On Saturday 25 April, 25 youth dance groups from around Yorkshire performed across West Yorkshire Playhouse and Yorkshire Dance as part of Fresh 2015. With some groups being considered for U.Dance, Youth Dance England’s annual competition, we are proud to announce that the judges have chosen Atmosphere (Cockburn School, Beeston) and DAZL Male Youth Dance Company (Leeds) to be put forward to be part of the competition in Plymouth, which will be taking place from 22-25 July 2015.

The competition was tough, but the judges remarked that Atmosphere’s ‘The Wolf’ was ‘A stand-out piece’ which ‘stood out stylistically from the rest of the programme’. The piece followed Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter on a dark journey through the dangers through the forest and questioned the idea of whether or not ‘good’ can always overcome ‘evil’.







The judges also stated that DAZL’s ‘Contaminated’ was ‘thoroughly engaging, authentic and visually strong’. ‘Contaminated’ looked at transmitted diseases and the stigmas and stereotypes attached to them by society.

Two very different pieces, but both very worthy of their entry into U.Dance. We wish them the best of luck in the competition!

The day as a whole was a fantastic success, with copious amounts of talent being presented by all young people involved, bring on Fresh 2016!

Find out more about Fresh 2015 here.

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