Gary Clarke begins work on COAL

by admin on June 17, 2015

Associate artist Gary Clarke has begun work at Yorkshire Dance on a major revival and expansion of his most important work, COAL.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the end of the 1984/5 miners strike, COAL is a riveting piece of contemporary dance theatre that takes a nostalgic look at the hard hitting realities of life at the coal face.

First created as an experimental pilot piece six years ago, COAL is a celebration of the spirit of the Yorkshire mining communities where Gary grew up.

Gary has vivid memories and personal experience of the strike as he was a young boy living in the South Yorkshire pit village of Grimethorpe during the conflict and even today he continues to live there.

Alongside a company of 7 professional dancers, 5 Colliery Brass Band players and performances by 5 women from the pit communities, there will also be archive film footage bringing the story of the notorious conflict to life.

A preview of COAL is to be performed at CAST Doncaster on Friday 3rd July. Work will then begin on securing further funding to take this whole new version of COAL which will go out on tour from February 2016.

“I am extremely passionate about COAL and feel the subject matters explored are universal,” says Gary.

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