Northern Platforms live: Live Bites success

by admin on November 10, 2014

We were proud to present a really good evening of work from artist as part of Live Bites (last Friday, 7th Nov). The evening consisted of 5 very different solo’s danced by women.  Audience response to new work by Sophie Unwin, Nadia Iftkar, Melanie Forbes- Broomes, Carlos Pons and Hannah Buckley was great with 100% of respondents saying they’d had a great time and would tell their friends.

It completely got me, I was in tears, I really was with the dancer” audience response to Nadia Iftkar’s The Sense of Ending (excerpt)

Northern Platforms, a partnership with Dance Base (Edinburgh), Dance City (Newcastle), Dance Manchester and MDI (Liverpool), aims to provide independent artists with a chance to share their work with of audiences and promoters outside of their own locality.

Live Bites is a chance to meet other artists working within the region and beyond, network, build contacts and receive feedback from peers and industry specialists. It is an important platform for emerging artists to raise their professional profile and have their work seen by a varying and supportive audience. Live Bites offers the opportunity to connect with other regional dance agency’s on a national level, which is a great way to network and see work being produced outside the region.”  Live Bites artist Sophie Unwin


As part of this initiative we always seek ways to encourage a greater dialogue about work and about the way it is being developed. To that extent Yorkshire Dance holds an annual breakfast session with artists and producers which is facilitated by an experienced artist, this year we were lucky to be joined by Rita Marcalo.

“Feedback sessions usually take different forms and can sometimes hinder rather than help depending on the context, the breakfast session as part of Live Bites however offers a real supportive atmosphere where development of work is key. Artists can make use of this time, to ask all the burning questions they need answering whilst investing in the continual development of their work and artistic practice.” Live Bites artist Sophie Unwin

Yorkshire Dance is now working with Dance City to plan for a Yorkshire artist performing at Public Announcement in Newcastle in March 2015, following which we will be sending Yorkshire based artists to Turn, in Manchester and Heads Up in Edinburgh. Working collaboratively we invest in a new generation of performing artists in the north, who can build their practice, confidence and networks this way.

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