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Peggy Olislaegers returns to Leeds to Sketch out the City of Dance

by aprilskipp on June 3, 2016

Yorkshire Dance is delighted to announce that our Sketch programme is back, once again with the astonishingly talented Peggy Olislaegers.

Sketch is a 6 month development opportunity for dance makers with an interest in developing work with a focus on dramaturgical practice. It is a safe space to share new dance works in a raw state in front of group of observers.

“I really felt a real sense of community working on the Sketch programme. It was good to have that secure sense of feedback, I never felt intimidated, I never felt defensive – which can sometimes happen in initial sharings. I felt really safe to say anything and to do anything.” Carlos Pons Guerra, Sketch 1

Sharing your immediate response is the first thing that Peggy encourages when working with artists on the Sketch programme.

First impressions are important. When you meet someone for the first time, you acknowledge what is in front of you; what you see and what you hear. We don’t point out their flaws, or shine a light on what is missing. Yet this is exactly what we are all guilty for in choreographic practice. Peggy returns later this month to shake up the way we approach the creative process.

“This has been such an enlightening thing, meeting Peggy, because she has a really wide knowledge and interest in many different dance practices and so is able to provide us with a multitude of skills that enable us to approach our work from a different angle.” Grace Surman, Sketch 2

The artists and observers involved in the programme are encouraged to dive straight into dance dramaturgy from day one so that they begin to build a toolkit of language, questions and playful tasks, simulating objective analysis.

As a part of this third instalment of Sketch, we are running an introductory workshop to give artists the opportunity to get a flavour of what dramaturgy, and Peggy’s unique approach to it, is all about

If you are interested in getting involved in Sketch or to find out more about the workshop, please visit

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