Rotherham Boys Project continues with Surveillance

by admin on March 16, 2015

In February half term (2015), our Rotherham Boys took part in an exciting dance for camera project ‘Surveillance’. 10 boys were joined by professional film maker, Rad Miller, and professional dance artist Bobak Walker, in a two day project held at Wath Comprehensive School.

The Rotherham boys worked as a professional crew over both days, creating, rehearsing and shooting their own choreography and working together to capture footage using ipads and handheld devices. The result is a dynamic dance for camera piece which the group will submit for national youth film festivals.

“Surveillance was a great project for the boys to learn new skills as well as develop their ideas about choreography. I took great pleasure in watching the boys grow over the two days and begin to think specially about making dance for camera.”
Lisa Clayton, Project Manager

Alongside the film aspect of the project, ‘Surveillance’ included discussions, workshops, class and devising  in which the group were able to refresh, reset and get even more excited about working together. As a result of the project, the boys are interested in developing their work with digital media with particular suggestions around documenting and promoting their group to other boys in the Rotherham area.

“It was really great to see everyone working together so well with masses of ideas coming out of the two days. It was fascinating to hear the young peoples’ thoughts around the subject of surveillance, including some in depth knowledge and understanding around internet security. The discussions we had varied from details of fraud and the big brother state to CCTV in school and TV shows like ‘You’ve Been Framed’.”
Bobak Walker, Dance Artist

“The young film crew were keen to learn the basics of filmmaking but also to suggest imaginative and innovative ways on how to capture the dance performances. The final film is a fun mixture of great choreography, interviews, professionally shot documentary footage interspersed with totally unique shots captured with spy drones, mobile phones and tablet devices. The mix of innovative choreography and filmmaking techniques has created an amazing piece of video art that will leave the audience seeing surveillance in a whole new light.”
Rad Miller, Filmmaker

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