The Dance We Made – celebrating Trinity Leeds & Yorkshire Dance partnership

by admin on May 17, 2015

Yorkshire Dance is delighted to be continuing to develop a fruitful partnership with Trinity Leeds, creating everyday wonders in the shopping centre and helping to make dance performance accessible on a large scale.

The Dance Leeds Made, run by Yorkshire-born Tim Casson, is here to show Leeds that absolutely anyone can be a choreographer or dancer, no previous experience necessary!

In January, Tim Casson brought his project The Dance WE Made to Leeds with the support of Yorkshire Dance and Trinity Leeds. The dance piece is “a creative project that not only draws attention to public space and how we inhabit it, but exemplifies the creative force in each and every one of us.” (Huffington Post). The project, in which unsuspecting shoppers became the choreographers, was run by Tim with the help of three local dance artists (Rachel O’Neil, Bobak Walker and Ellen Turner). The group conversed with shoppers and turned their stories into movement. This movement was remembered and rehearsed by the dancers before being performed in the hub of the busy shopping centre, for hundreds of passing shoppers to see. The dances made by Leeds during January can be seen here and here.

Due to the success of The Dance WE Made, Yorkshire Dance and Trinity Leeds decided to bring Tim Casson back in a much bigger way. The project has previously been to a wide variety of places nationally and internationally but this is the first time that the project has been developed to involve a large number of community groups, rehearsing for a week in the run-up to a breath-taking performance on Saturday 6 June.

We are currently promoting open call outs to recruit as many people to take part as we can! Some of the different groups include a youth group, a 50+ group, an integrated group, a group of dance students and group of self-confessed non-dancers, who happen to be shoppers from Trinity Leeds.

Trinity Leeds has been a great support throughout the project, opening up its space to host Tim Casson and a group of dance students as artists in residence, before the rest of the groups rehearse and perform at the weekend. By taking dance to this unusual space we are hoping to give people in Leeds a chance to see what Yorkshire Dance is all about. The dance performance will also intrigue and excite the unsuspecting shoppers, certainly making their trip one to remember.

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