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The Worlds – a new online companion piece to OverWorlds & UnderWorlds

by antonydunn on January 17, 2013

In May 2012 four hundred artists led by the Quay Brothers created OverWorlds & UnderWorlds, a three day event in Leeds that was directly experienced by 20,000 people.

The Worlds is a new companion piece to OverWorlds and UnderWorlds, designed in response to the live event as a creative digital experience for online audiences. Produced by a small team led by Leeds Canvas and Breakfast, it also celebrates the creative work of artists and participants who attended the event.

Dive in at

If you’re wondering where to find the dance works, they’re here:


Dancers from Northern Ballet
Choreographer Daniel de Andrade
Dancers: Abigail Prudames, Antoinette B-Daw, Ayana Kanda, Ben Mitchell, Christie Duncan, Dominic Harrison, Giuliano Contadini, Graham Kotowich, Isabella Gasparini, John Hull, Joshua Barwick, Lori Gilchrist, Kevin Poeung, Jeremy Curnier, Martin Bell, Matthew Broadbent, Rachel Gilespie, Seb Loe, Tessa Saarvedra, Nicola Gervasi


Gary Clarke Company
Choreographer Gary Clarke
Dancers: TC Howard, Eleanor Perry, Hannah Buckley, Kate Jackson, Charlotte Armstrong Compere Bridie Gane


Phoenix Dance Theatre
in collaboration with Charlotte Vincent
Dancers: Azzurra Ardovini, Genevieve Watson, Glenn Graham, Chihiro Kawasaki, Phil Sanger, Ryu Suzuki, Josh Wille, Vanessa Pang


Mad Dogs Dance Theatre
Choreographer Douglas Thorpe
Dancers: Ruth Jannsen and Riccardo Meneghini

Lose yourself in the content and trust your own sense of direction; the more you explore, the more you will find. You can control the audio visual content with your mouse and we recommend you listen to the sountrack as you travel through. There are some flashing lights amongst the footage. For the best possible experience, please switch off other programmes and browser windows when you enter The Worlds.

Now let the flood carry you away…

OverWorlds and UnderWorlds

OverWorlds and UnderWorlds was part of the Arts Council of England’s Artists Taking the Lead programme for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

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