Top 5 reasons to perform in Juncture

by aprilskipp on August 11, 2016

Still debating whether to send in that application to Callum?
Here are our top 5 reasons why we think that YOU should apply to perform in Juncture 2016:

Gillie Kleiman (c) Camilla Greenwell1. Work alongside wicked female artists

You will be performing in works which Gillie Kleiman – curator of this year’s festival – describes as, “f***ing cool, bold and uncompromising, by wicked women artists.”

Need we say more?


Lucy Suggate - Swarm Sculptures (c) Amy Sinead Photography2. Not your average performance

This is the first UK festival dedicated to the very best of contemporary dance practice made with non-professional collaborators.

You get to be part of something unique; a temporary community of people who wouldn’t usually do this kind of thing.


Quarantine - Wallflower (c) Simon Banham3. It’s good for you

These works may not be hard core, pulse raising dance classes but the butterflies alone from dancing in a public space is sure to get your heart pumping.



Nicola Conibere - Assembly (c) Christian Kipp

4. Build confidence

We know from countless experience that making things as part of a group is wonderful for your self esteem and for a sense of your own creativity. If you’re still on the fence, we are running taster sessions for Nicola Conibere and Lucy Suggate‘s work.

Come along and give it a go – no dance experience required – you might just surprise yourself.


Antony Dunn5. You’ll laugh – a lot…

…and if you don’t, our Antony will tell you a joke.

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