Yorkshire Dance needs you, even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer!

by antonydunn on April 19, 2015

Yorkshire Dance and Casson & Friends - The Dance WE Made - Jan 2015 (c) Brian SlaterWe’re inviting people, even those who don’t consider themselves dancers to take part in a stunning performance in Trinity Leeds shopping centre on Saturday 6 June.

The Dance Leeds Made, which will be colourful explosion of everyday wonder, follows a weekend in January during which Yorkshire-born choreographer and dancer Tim Casson created and performed a new dance piece based on movements inspired by unsuspecting shoppers inside Trinity Leeds as part of his ongoing project The Dance WE Made.

The Dance WE Made, which set a World Record in 2012 for ’152′, the dance piece with the most choreographers ever created, is “a creative project that not only draws attention to public space and how we inhabit it, but exemplifies the creative force in each and every one of us.” (Huffington Post)

The Dance Leeds Made will be a big development from The Dance WE Made, featuring a cast of fifty, including the ten adult non-dancers, of any age, whom Yorkshire Dance are inviting to join in the fun.

The self confessed non-dancers will join four other groups of disabled dancers, students, older dancers and professionals to work with Tim to make an extraordinary pop-up performance.

The fifty performers will rehearse in their five groups at Trinity Leeds during the week (Sat 30 May, Mon 1 June, Tue 2 June, Thurs 4 June), before a dress rehearsal on Friday 5 June and the final performance on Saturday. Though exactly where in the shopping centre the performance will take place is remaining a closely-guarded secret until the day itself…

If you are interested in being involved, you are invited to contact Kate Thomas on 0113 243 9867 or katethomas@yorkshiredance.com

Kirsty Redhead, our Creative Producer, says, “We’re really excited about including ten non-dancers in The Dance Leeds Made. Yorkshire Dance is absolutely dedicated to making dance accessible for everyone – whether they’re trained or nor, whatever their body-shape and whatever their age, experience or ability. Dance is for anyone and everyone. This will be a brilliant, fun adventure for our non-dancers, working with professionals in a safe, supportive environment to make an amazing performance for Trinity Leeds. And the audience of shoppers are going to have their breath taken away.”

This project is the latest in a series of creative collaborations between Yorkshire Dance and Trinity Leeds, designed to showcase the talents of dancers from across the region and to inject some magical surprises into the experience of shoppers in the centre.

Since Tim Casson created The Dance WE Made in 2012, it has taken place at over 30 iconic locations across London, Edinburgh and New York including Canary Wharf, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, The Royal Mile and at Glastonbury Festival, and in many other cities around the UK.

Watch previous dance creations by Tim and the public – including two films from Trinity Leeds in January – here.

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