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10,000 Litres

by aprilskipp on September 21, 2016

Evangelia Kolyra presents
10,000 Litres Sharing

Friday 30 September
2.00pm – 3.00pm 

Greek choreographer Evangelia Kolyra is in residency at Yorkshire Dance for a new piece, playing with mistakes, accidental movement and improvised physicial action.

Catch a glipse of what she is experimenting with, as a well as a short section of her ’10,000 litres’ show on Friday 30th September, 2pm.

Twitter: @evangeliakolyra
Website: www.evangeliakolyra.com


Evangelia would like to work with two dancers/performers (ideally one female and one male) who are confident with experimenting with movement, sound, voice, and text.

You would be comfortable with improvisation and open to offering ideas during the creative process and engage with physical challenges.

Work would commence Monday 26 – Thursday 29 September and you would be needed for a couple of hours on Friday 30 September to get ready for the sharing.

If interested, please e-mail Evangelia at evangeliakolyra@gmail.com, expressing why you are interested and what experience you have.

Evangelia can pay applicants per diems for the days they are in the studio.

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