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Professional Development at Yorkshire Dance

Rambert A-Level Dance Teacher Development Day

Friday 15 June
11.00am – 4.30pm
Book online here

Join Rambert for an exciting day of teacher training workshops with our animateurs, exploring aspects of the new AQA AS and A level specification.

The programme includes:
- A Cunningham technique class
- Repertoire workshops based on Rooster by Christopher Bruce, and Pierrot Lunaire (1967) by Glen Tetley.
- Presentation on Rambert’s history (1966-2002)
- Online Q&A with members of artistic and archive team
- Participants will also receive a resource pack relating to Rambert’s work between 1966 – 2002.

Focusing on two pieces of Rambert repertoire, Rooster by Christopher Bruce and Pierrot Lunaire by Glen Tetley, participants will learn movement phrases and look at creative tasks focused around them, as well as explore the historical context and creative process of each piece.

For more information, please contact Rambert’s learning and participation team on 020 8630 0615 or email learning@rambert.org.uk.


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