Sketch 3


Sketch is a 6 month development opportunity for dance makers with an interest in developing a new dance idea with a focus on dramaturgical practice.


We are delighted to have confirmed the three artists/ companies taking part in Sketch 3 during Autumn 2016 & Spring 2017:

Christopher Owen | In The Shadow Of The Penis
Investigating the male relationship to the penis and the impact of this relationship on mental health and the wider male experience. Through the sensation of movement, voice and nudity as a driving force, this new work invites men to examine their bodies, to demystify the belief that the penis is a super powerful or supernatural organ, but rather to show that the penis is connected to a person, as a way of normalising the way we look at the human body. The act of sculpting a penis out of clay becomes a springboard to opening up frank and candid conversations between men about the challenges and problems they normally don’t talk to other men about and how that affects men in today’s society.

Sardoville | A Matter of Impression
A new work looking into the questions of when does the act of dancing becomes based on random choices or personal whim, rather than following any reason or system, where has dance become or can become arbitrary and when can dance be unrestrained?

Simone Kenyon & Neil Callaghan | Tremor

In their current research Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon are interested in exploring sound and its visibility. Sound caused by movement; movement that creates vibrations, vibrations which can be felt as much as heard. So far the investigation has focused on exploring waves by sound and light. The next phase of research will further explore how it is possible to create a visually, aurally and kinaesthetically rich environment for the audience to engage with.

Observers Programme

Thursday 2 & Friday 3 Feb 2017

Cost per individual session/s: £30/ £25 concessions

As part of Sketch 3 we are opening up the studio to a number of observers who wish to take part in 3 intensive workshops developing your knowledge of dance dramaturgy.

International dramaturge Peggy Olislaegers will give artists and producers a tool box of skills to use when making your or giving feedback on it.  This three day intensive training will help you to look at what your desired process is when making work and what to look for when giving feedback on others. Limited places available.

To register you interest please contact Artist Development Producer, Tanya Steinhauser:



Two artists, Ella Mesma and Hannah Buckley, received bursaries to make work and take part in Sketch 2 in 2015.

Contemporary dancer and B-Girl Ella Mesma developed her work Ladylike, an investigation of cultural assumptions and stereotypes around gender and behavioural expectations in salsa and hip hop.

Hannah Buckley’s S/HE is a dance performance about equality. Influenced by men, women, science fiction and everything in-between, it questions the state of gender equality on Earth and seeks to create a new reality.


Yorkshire Dance chose six artists to take part in Sketch between September 2014 and February 2015.

Jamaal Burkmar
Gavin Coward
Non-Applicables (Sian Myers & Fenella Ryan)
Carlos Pons Guerra
Grace Surman
Sophie Unwin

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