Sketch 3


Yorkshire Dance presents
Friday Firsts SKETCH 3

We are sorry to announce that, owing to circumstances beyond our control, this event has been cancelled.

Ticket holders will be contacted and refunds made.


Sketch is a 6 month development opportunity for dance makers with an interest in developing a new dance idea with a focus on dramaturgical practice.

Sardoville A Matter of Impression

This extract follows a research into strange and macabre dance phenomenon including the dancing plague that swept Europe in the 1500’s and the dance marathons of the 1930’s. The work speaks to themes of societal infringements, social constructs and oppressive expectations surrounding the ontology of dance.  In particular A Matter of Impression investigates the concept of dance as escapism; finding trough dance a way to cope with life’s oppressions, societal difficulties and the inner voices we all have.


Christopher Owen In The Shadow Of The Penis

Direction and choreography by Christopher Owen, in collaboration with the performers Benjamin Skinner and Lewys Bannon Holt

In The Shadow Of The Penis, is a live performance exploring the male relationship to the penis and the impact of this relationship on mental health and the wider male experience.

The project aims to depict male genitalia outside of power and humiliation narratives. By initiating honest, candid & frank conversations between men about their penises, we want to encourage a new dialogue in how men talk about their genitals in relation to other men and women. Through the context of a live performance we hope to give space for men to understand that vulnerability and levels of exposure are necessary to finding one’s masculinity.


Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon Tremor

In their current research Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon are interested in exploring sound. Sound caused by movement. Movement that creates vibrations. Vibrations can be felt as much as they can be heard.

Exploring waves by sound and light has until now been the primary mode of investigation, currently the artists are interested in exploring how they can work physically to further draw attention to the perception of the audience. How can they create a visually, aurally and kinaesthetically rich environment for the audience to engage with.

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