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24 Hour Dance Relay

Spirit of Juncture Fundraiser

24 Hour Dance Relay

featuring Little Big Disco


Friday 1 July, 5.00pm -
Saturday 2 July, 5.00pm

Tickets on sale now!

Disco tickets: £5.00
Workshop tickets: Free Entry
Donations welcome but please call to reserve a place as spaces are limited!

Box Office 0113 243 8765
or book securely online here

As part of Yorkshire Festival’s Big Disco, we’re inviting you to join us – and sponsor us – for 24 hours of non-stop dancing!

A team of three mighty Yorkshire Dance staff (Wieke Eringa, Kirsty Redhead & Hannah Robertshaw) – alongside various dance artists, the young people from our Saturday dance classes and (we hope) you – will keep the place jumping!

Want to get involved?
Everyone is welcome to take part in the 24 Hour Dance Relay. The team are going to need all the support they can get to keep dancing through the night so please do come and dance with us. Here’s the timetable so you can plan which you would like to participate in:

Friday 1 July
tickets on sale now – book online 

5.00pm – 9.00pm: Little Big Family Disco
Join us as we kick off with a silent disco for Big Disco-ers looking for a chilled-out, family-friendly environment.

9.00pm – 1.00am: Little Big Late Night Disco
If you love dancing but you’re not sure city-centre clubbing is what you want, this is a perfect alternative. Big Disco-ers, drop in on your way home for a final boogie!

Saturday 2 July
please call 0113 243 8765 to reserve a place on the following workshops

The following workshops are free to join but we will be fundraising on the day to please do give what you can!

1.00am – 4.00am: Post Midnight Dances | Rachael O’Neill
A creative exploration into how the mental state of post-midnight dancers influences how they generate movement, their decision making abilities and their connection towards each other.

4.00am – 5.00am: Re-enact your favourite Dance Films | Tal Weinstein
Join Tal to dance the night away to popular dance film tracks and recreate the most iconic big screen dance moments – spectacular, romantic, cheesy or simply fun.

5.00am – 5.45am: Improvisation to Music | Jamaal Burkmar
Join Jamaal in a rousing, revitalising improvisation to a gripping soundtrack of some of his favourite music.

5.45am – 6.30am: Creative Characterisation | Rachel Clarke & Alexandra Mettam
Join Rachel & Alexandra by taking a walk in someone else’s shoes. The workshop will explore creative tasks which look at what it means to embody someone else’s characteristics and heightened personalities.

6.30am – 8.00am: Early Morning Yoga | Rachel Krische
This is an open level Scaravelli informed class. All welcome for this invigorating start to the Saturday.

8.00am – 9.00am: Bliss and relaxation | Louise McDowall
This is the hour where the all night crew meets the morning crew: gently unwinding or waking up: Louise will guide us through a series of fun, playful and restorative movement games to generate bliss and relaxation.

10.30am – 12.30pm: DJ set from Jonathan Eckersley

1.00pm – 4.00pm: Little Big Family Disco
The family-friendly silent disco is back – from babies raving to grown-ups swaying, everyone’s welcome to join us for the final stretch!

4.00pm – 5.00pm: Bad Dancing Hour
Join us for the final hour as we take you through every bad dance that was to grace the world of Pop music!

Can’t make it to the event?

If you can’t join us on the day but would like to support our team of three mighty disco divas, please visit our LocalGiving page →