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The UK young artists Leicester Festival 2014

The UK Young Artists Leicester Festival 2014, taking place between Friday 7 and Sunday 9 November, will feature work from 70 artists from across the UK. The festival’s rich and varied programme spans applied arts, literature, moving image, music, performance and visual art and will include a number of dance performances and workshops.

The artists, all aged between 18 and 30 and selected from a national call for entries, will be in Leicester for the duration of the festival to help foster collaborative approaches to their practice and to take part in a range of masterclasses that are also open to the public. The festival programme is free to attend with dance performances taking place in the German Expressionist exhibition at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery and DE Montfort University’s PACE Building.


The dance programme includes;

Katherine Hall, who aims to capture unsustainable and unfinished moments of human experience, will perform her solo work Fill in the ______; a troubling yet ordinary lecture of nonsense, playing on the oddities of managing time and the fragility of relationships. Through chaotic text, task-based episodes and songs of intimate contemplation, interruption and sheer pointlessness, the author speaks of coming, going and shifting through in-between moments; hoping to find a sense of what makes one tick.

Rachel Burn’s Threshold is a dance that scratches the surface of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, a poetic and philosophical exploration of what it means to be part of the human community. Performed by a trio of women and crossing from familiarity to freshness, they find newness in small detail within a monochrome world; moving through scenes as through pockets of the poem, sharing energy, togetherness, quiet and solitude; spending time and thought on the threshold between ‘this’ world and ‘that’.

SoulUrge5 (Ellen Booth and Amber Davies) create contemporary dance performances that focus on installation work to challenge and engage audience perceptions. They will perform Before and Now Episode 1 and explore the process revealed and embedded in movement and performance. SoulUrge5’s presentational form blends an edited arrangement of digital documentary footage, taken from their rehearsal process together with live responses in music and dance. The performance space is altered to create an onstage installation of TVs, flanked by opposite rows of seats. These serve as the frame and the context for the live interventions by the choreographers, the composer and the digital media.

What Is Written will perform Unsettled a new production loosely based on the story of a man named Igor, a true story involving the politics of a country in a time of corruption, death feuds and gangs. The company aim to discover to what extent a person can be pushed and how far can their boundaries expand in order to survive. The aim is to explore how this concept of extremities can be transformed, transmuted and communicated through the medium of dance.

Running alongside the Leicester Festival performance programme is a range of masterclasses and workshops including a session on Expanding Choreographic Practice from Antje Hildebrandt. Antje’s workshop will explore a variety of ways through which to approach choreography. It will look at creative strategies, processes, tools and methods for making performance as well as improvisation, scoring, games and task-based structures for creating choreographic work.

The rest of Leicester Festival’s diverse programme spans classical music to sonic landscapes performed in darkness, an anarchic theatrical take on a classic piece of literature, storytelling with movement and sound design, seven artists from different backgrounds performing on one stage and exhibitions of intricate illustrations, oil paintings, large scale photography, site-specific work and digital mash-ups.

All events, talks, workshops, masterclasses, performances and exhibitions are open to the public and free to attend. The full programme, venue details and ticket links for the performance events are all available via the UK Young Artists website: http://www.ukyoungartists.co.uk.