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Dancing with StrangersInstant Dissidence presents

Rita Marcalo introduces her new project:

Dancing With Strangers is an act of solidarity where choreographers who have left their country of origin (to live in the UK) return (by the means of their own choreographic score), and offer the gift of dancing to strangers in their country of origin.

When I conceived of this project I was thinking about the European Union; I was thinking about Euro-scepticism; I was thinking about the economic crisis; I was thinking about the anti-immigration sentiment in many European countries today.

And I was also thinking about the condition of being ‘other’ in relation to both country of residency and your country of origin, a condition created by the European project itself.

And then I thought about solidarity, and then I thought of choreography as a gift, and then I thought of this project.

Between 3rd and 21st December 2013, I will travel from the UK to Portugal via Europe. I will travel through Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Florence, Toulouse, Irun and Mangualde, arriving at my hometown (Aveiro) on the 21st December. I am collaborating with Dutch, German, Austrian, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese choreographers based in the UK, who have created an audio movement score for a duet between me and a stranger of their own country.

As I arrive in each city, I stand in a public square wearing a T-shirt which reads (in the city’s language): ‘dance with me’. When one person says yes I hand them a set of headphones with the audio movement score in their language. As the participant listens they perform movement instructions which result in a duet with me.

I carry with me choreographic gifts from the following UK-based choreographers:
Dutch – Wieke Eringa
German – Kathinka Walter
Austrian – Daliah Toure
Italian – Vanessa Grasse
French – Nina-Morgane Madelaine
Spanish – Sabrina Ribes-Bonet
Portuguese – Joao Maio

To view the films created from each score go to the page for each visited city on the project blog: http://dancingwithstrangers.blog.com/